Valerie Margolis - an artist based in the greater Boston area - uses found materials (bandages, dental models, harness, carpet, innersole material) and color, texture, rhythm and light. Her paintings, wall-sculptures and scans are based in art historical tradition and in a personal, as well as Judeo-Christian, iconography. She explores themes of conjunction, protection, boundaries, injury and vestiges within a "painterly minimalism".

Most of my paintings begin on the floor: with one serving as a drop-cloth for the other, each building a personal history in paint that culminates in a lush, heavily-worked surface that implies the grid, and aspires to purity.

Over the past twenty-five years, my paintings, wall-sculptures and digital images have developed into what I consider a contemplative painterly minimalism documenting phases of personal development and self-demarcation. The work primarily involves the confluence of opposites, boundaries, and vestiges. It is based in art-historical tradition, and a personal-–as well as Judeo-Christian--iconography. Through the deliberate, the sub-conscious, and the fortuitous, my intention is to universalize the particulars of internal/external experience and vision within the privacy that abstraction affords.

Valerie Margolis is a deeply thoughtful artist, whose works reveal a subtly exploring mind. She has the ability to transform humble everyday materials into images imbued with a sparsely minimalist yet poetically suggestive aesthetic. Gifted with a finely tuned eye for color, Margolis manages to fuse personal, worldly and even disturbing associations with a rhythm-laden spirituality.”
-- David Anfam, Art historian & Critic

“... Valerie Margolis' work is some of the more innovative and exciting I have seen in recent years. She has the uncanny ability to take detritus and commonplace objects and to artistically weave them into an access to cosmic rhythms. She is utterly ingenious in taking ancient art forms--such as religious icons or human body shapes-- and employing them in such a way that they become explosive with both old and new energy in our present context. Her art uncovers a world of transformative power to which few people have access.”
-- Father Xavier John Seubert, Ph.D.
Department of Theology & Religious Studies
Villanova University


Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2
Dutch Sieve / Stele 1 (Frontal) Dutch Sieve / Stele 1 (Rear) Dutch Sieve / Stele 2 (Frontal) Dutch Sieve / Stele 2 (Rear)


Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2
Dutch Sieve / Stele 3 (Frontal) Dutch Sieve / Stele 3 (Rear)


Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2
Dutch Sieve / Bolster (Frontal) Dutch Sieve / Bolster (Rear)


Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2
Dutch Sieve / Laptop (Frontal) Dutch Sieve / Laptop (Rear)


Smiley Fence 1 Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 2
Smiley Fence 1 Smiley Fence 2 Smiley Fence 4


Smiley Fence 1 Ecce Brevem  Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 5/  My Flesh  (oblique view) Ecce Brevem  Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 4/  Heavenly Blue
Smiley Fence 5 Smiley Fence 6 / Skull Smiley Fence 7 / Curtain


Ecce Brevem Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 2/ Red

Ecce Brevem  Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 5/  My Flesh  (oblique view) Ecce Brevem  Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 4/  Heavenly Blue
Ecce Brevem Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 2/ Red
Ecce Brevem
Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 5/
My Flesh
(oblique view)

Ecce Brevem
Tabulam Pictam (Summaries) 4/
Heavenly Blue

bloody soaked almonds 1

Soaked almonds 56 Spring Bouquet (large)
Gunshot Bouquet (small)
Gunshot Bouquet

Spring Bouquet


We're Wearing Dresses Universal Explanation

Soaked Almonds 13
Soaked Almonds 56
Bloody Soaked
Almonds 1

The Artist as Dancing Bear

Blink and Swallow

Patty Cake

Your Uniforms
Do Not Fit

It's Praying Time

Triumph of Purity

Easter Bouquet

The Body Tries Hard

Sunset Monolith

Flesh Cross on Green

25 Stations

Woven Cross 2



Absent (Easter)

Steri-Strips 1


Ghosts/Memory 4

Ghosts/Memory 5

Flesh Windows-Word

Flesh Windows-ME



Bandage Painting IV

Bandage Painting III

Bandage Painting I


Patio Painting IV

Patio Painting II

Patio Painting I




Rusticated Chthonic Stool Sample

Stool Sample E

Red Stool Sample


Striped Ideogram

(group shot)

Exquisite Form


Two Figures IV

Madonna & Child II

Head II

Mutant Swimmer


MEDIA: Abstract oils, watercolors and acrylics, assemblages, digital imagery
EDUCATION: Boston University, B.A.
Art Students League of New York (with Robert Beverly Hale)


O.K. Harris Works of Art New York, NY 2011
The Beating Heart Show Exeter, NH 2008
  York Square Cinema Gallery New Haven, CT 1999
The Firehouse Gallery Newburyport, MA 1996
Merrimack College North Andover, MA 1995
St. Francis Retreat Center Rye Beach, NH 1993
Laura Knott Gallery -
Bradford College
Bradford, MA 1986



No Strings Attached
12th Biennial Valentine Invitational Exhibition
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery

Reno, NV


  NUTUREart 2011 Benefit Exhibition, curated by Pamela Auchincloss, David Cohen, James Kalm, & Gregory Volk New York, NY


MYSELF: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraiture, Sheppard
Fine Arts Gallery
Reno, NV


Invitational Group Show
100 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH


Whitney Artworks Portland, ME


Cadogan Contemporary London, England


Kidder-Smith Gallery Boston, MA


Davidson & Daughters Gallery Portland, ME


Danforth Gallery Portland, ME


Elements Gallery Rockland, ME


Washington Theological Union Washington, DC


Washington Theological Union Washington, DC


Arrowmont School of Art Gatlinburg, TN


O.K. Harris Gallery New York, NY


Fauve Gallery Amherst, MA


Evelyn Todd Gallery Dover, NH


Chapel Gallery -
St. Anselm's College
Manchester, NH


Mugar Gallery -
Colby-Sawyer College
New London, NH


New Hampshire Arts Biennial -
Manchester Institute of Arts & Sciences
Manchester, NH


American Art Center
New York, NY


Arts Students League Gallery New York, NY


GRANTS AND AWARDS: Cash Award - Arrowmont School of Art, Gatlinburg, TN, 1996 Technical Assistance grant sponsored by the New Hampshire Council On The Arts and the National Endowment For The Arts, 1996, 1997

Portsmouth Herald, April, 2008

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COLLECTIONS: Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C.




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