“Phylacteries”* (group shot)

“Phylacteries” * (group shot)
acrylic painted wooden boxes – with my bundled earlier drawings inside, bolts,
chains; from 2” square to 8”x13”x2”; 1993 – 94
(from a series of 18 Phylacteries)

* Phylactery [from the Greek ‘phylakterion’ - safeguard, amulet] is
(1) a case or chest encasing a holy relic
(2) a small square leather box, containing slips of parchment
on which are written scriptural passages...
Two such boxes are worn by Jews during time of prayer...
(3) a reminder; a religious observance or article of faith, made prominent for outward show
(4) anything worn against danger or disease, an amulet –
so used in Classical and Christian antiquity.
- Webster’s New International Dictionary